Campers must obey these rules and any others that any session director may deem necessary.

1. Campers may not leave the Camp grounds.

2. Campers must attend all Bible classes, devotionals, and all other organized activities.

3. Campers must turn in their car keys and cell phones to the session director at registration.

4. The boys’ cabin and bathhouse area is off-limits to all girls and the girls’ cabin and bathhouse area is off-limits to all boys.

5. Campers must dress modestly and follow the dress code. Each session staff has the authority and will determine what is appropriate and modest dress for both girls and boys.

6. Use of tobacco, liquor, or any drugs (except appropriate medication) in any form will not be allowed.

7. All medications, both prescription and non-prescription, must be turned in to the session director and/or his designee with written instructions for use at registration.

8. Campers may not leave their cabins after lights-out.

9. Do not bring any money or other valuables to Camp. Camp will not be responsible for any personal items that become lost or damaged.

10. Cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, electronic games, and any other such items are not allowed. Please do not bring them to Camp.