Camp Smiling Acres held its first session in the Summer of 1968.  Since then, Camp has provided a place for pre-teens and teens to experience Christian camping in beautiful surroundings with planned, Christ-centered, activities.

Some of our daily activities include morning devotional, Cabin Bible time, quiet time, and Bible class. Throughout the day the campers also enjoy sports, swimming, team games, and crafts.

CSA offers 3 weeklong sessions. Our first session is the high school week for a campers who have completed the 8th grade through age 19.  The second and third sessions are for campers who have completed the fourth grade through completed 8th grade. Camp provides all meals and snacks for the entire week. Crafts are also included for the two younger sessions.

Each session Director believes sharing the gospel through Christian camping is a mission work that allows campers to see Jesus and build lifelong friendships.  The sessions are staffed with volunteers who all believe and support this mission mindset.

Camp Smiling Acres has a Board of Directors, all of whom are members of the Church of Christ. These men work diligently throughout the year to provide campers with the best Christian camping experience.